Deadline by which completed ballot must be RECEIVED by the County Clerk’s Office, regardless of postmark date


Mail-In Absentee Voting

If you meet certain criteria, you will be permitted to vote via a mail-in absentee ballot. 

There are currently 11 accepted excuses for voting by mail in Indiana. They are:

  • The voter has a “reasonable expectation” that they will be out of county for the entire time polls are open on Election Day 
  • The voter has disability
  • The voter is 65 years old or older
  • The voter has official election duties outside of their voting precinct
  • The voter is scheduled to work during the entire time the polls are open
  • The voter will be “confined due to illness or injury” or caring for someone who is confined as such for the entire time the polls are open
  • The voter is prevented from voting due to a religious discipline or holiday on Election Day
  • The voter participates in the state’s address confidentiality program
  • The voter is a member of the military or a public safety officer
  • The voter is considered a “serious sex offender” as defined by state statute
  • The voter does not have access to transportation to the polls

Contact the Voter Registration office at 317-346-4466 for an application to be mailed or click here to download and print the application.

Completed applications can be sent via one of the following methods: 

Absentee ballots for those whose Mail Only application has approved will be mailed out to voters starting on September 19th.  

The application for an absentee ballot must be received by the Johnson County Clerk’s Office no later than October 22nd, regardless of that postmark date. Of course, it is recommended that the application be sent in well before that date to allow time for the application to be approved, for a ballot to be mailed to the voter and the completed ballot subsequently returned to the Johnson County Clerk’s office.  

County election officials must receive the completed ballot by mail no later than noon November 3rd, regardless of when it is postmarked.