Move Indiana Forward

Here are issues that matter to Cindy.  You can also find a series of articles on Medium.


    • Make funding for public schools a priority
    • Decrease the funding for vouchers 
    • Assert oversight on charter schools 
    • Pay our public school teachers a living wage 
    • Allow teachers the right to negotiate their contracts
    • Less emphasis on high stakes testing
    • Get teacher input on curriculum and textbooks
    • Arm teachers with participation, supplies, and proper pay, not gun


Election Security

This is an excellent resource for understanding the issues we face in Election Security:

The State and Local Election Cybersecurity Playbook | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs


Gun Safety 

Today is Valentine’s Day.  While I’d like to write something about romance, I feel compelled however to write something about guns.

My father grew up on a farm in Seymour.  His dad and he had guns. My dad is 88 years old, and he still has guns.  My son-in-law has guns. My daughter has one.  Many of my friends, and/or their partners have guns.  They are not mentally ill, and they are responsible gun owners.  They have shotguns, rifles, handguns.  Their guns are registered.  The ones that need permits to carry, have them.

While I would never want to take a gun away from someone, I don’t understand the need for civilians to own semi-automatic rifles.  These guns can kill hundreds of people in minutes.   But I have yet to have anyone tell me a purpose for assault rifles.  Do we want the military to have these weapons? Absolutely.  Do we want a neighbor who might be struggling mentally or emotionally to have them? No.

I believe in the Second Amendment.  I understand why it was written, and what its purpose was.  But it is no longer the age where hanging out on the “bad” side of town might get you shot.  No, today you might be in your church.  Your children may be learning to do long division.  Your parents may be shopping for groceries.  Maybe your daughter teaches disabled kids.  Or your mom or dad.  Maybe you’re on your first date with someone and you go to the newest movie.  Maybe you are just minding your business walking down the street.

It’s time to take big NRA money out of politics. 95% of Americans believe that everyone who owns a gun should have a comprehensive background check. A majority of NRA members believe that assault weapons should be banned. There is a blood money price for children’s lives, and the NRA is willing to pay it.* I am unwilling to take blood money and will search for ways to reduce gun violence in our communities here in District 58 and in our State. Please contact me with your ideas on gun laws. I’m listening.