Here are issues that matter to Cindy.  You can also find a series of articles on Medium.

Cindy believes that we can tackle the issues that will make Indiana better. These issues can be debated and discussed within the Indiana Legislature instead of continually using taxpayer funded legal actions against already standing precedent. The money Indiana spends on legal battles every year could build a strong network of teachers, police and firefighters, and other first responders.

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Public Education 

Public schools help build strong neighborhoods, and strong communities.  This includes our teachers and our students. Public schools benefit children and families which in turn benefit our neighborhoods and communities. This has the added bonus of attracting businesses and raising property values for homeowners.

Currently our public schools face a shortage of qualified teachers and are filling the gaps with substitutes, unlicensed persons, and other stop-gap measures that leave our classrooms with less qualified mentors for our youth.

Remember, our K-12 teachers give an elementary education to everyone.  Doctors, mechanics, Engineers, Professors, moms and dads.

Indiana Veterans

Every veteran who put on a uniform wrote a blank check to our country.  Indiana has a great opportunity to make veterans’ issues a larger part of our State.  Let’s not continue to procrastinate on veteran’s issues such as tax free pensions and adequately access to healthcare.  Indiana veterans deserve to have the resources they need and not be subjected to political greed and corruption.

Common sense Healthcare

Indiana faces a crisis in health care.  We have the most expensive healthcare in the Midwest.  We also have a high maternal and infant mortality. There are proven methods to reduce many of these issues, and save taxpayer money as well.  Many surrounding states have already used common sense solutions to increase transparency and decrease costs

There are measures that can be introduced and enacted on day one to reduce Hoosier bankruptcies without overhauling the system and saving taxpayer money.

Life is precious, so protecting mothers and babies by focusing on our infant mortality rates and our high childbirth death rate.  Indiana currently has more maternal deaths than the country of Serbia. Serbia. Unacceptable.

By making this a priority for the State, we can save thousands of lives.


Hoosiers deserve a safe environment to live, work, and play.  Hoosiers do not deserve cancer clusters, superfund sites, and coal ash ponds.  We need strong limits on cancer causing chemicals in our State, and legislation to enforce compliance through IDEM despite what the EPA does.

Converting to solar and wind power, gas, and other environment saving methods of power, will also invite the kinds of jobs that will be necessary in a future-oriented economy.  Teaching the building and maintenance of environmentally friendly power invites more environmentally friendly people and businesses. Indiana deserves to be on the cutting edge of these technologies instead of continuing to lag behind midwestern states.